Training Opportunities

Private Swim Lessons

Vicky offers private swim lessons for $55 an hour, or 4 lessons for $200. For young children, she can do 30 minute lessons at her home pool for $30 or 4 lessons for $110. Vicky has worked with numerous adults with no swimming experience. She is patient and moves at a rate matching what the person is ready for. She is currently accepting adult beginners, or those wishing to learn competitive strokes. Vicky can also evaluate your freestyle technique and teach you how to swim in open water. For absolute beginners, Vicky trains them in her backyard pool. For more advanced swimmers, she trains at LA Fitness in Orange Park.

Parent/Child Swim Class

This is a 30 minute class for 5 to 8 Parent/Child teams. An introduction to the water to make both parent and child more comfortable together! Will learn pre-swim skills such as going underwater. For children ages 8 months to 3 years. Cost is $50 for 4 Saturday sessions. Class starts June 2016 in Orange Park. Contact Vicky for location or additional info.

Training Plans

Vicky can provide weekly training schedules based on your training and preferences, with email and telephone consultations each week. This can be done for any period of time desired based on a goal race or other factors. Cost per month is $50.

Fill out this questionnaire so Vicky can customize a training plan for you.
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